Join us this month in focusing on sustainability and starting somewhere, anywhere, to implement sustainable practices in your everyday life.

It’s a process that starts with a billion small changes that collectively make a huge difference.

We aren’t asking that everyone overhaul their entire lives and be 100% sustainable all of the time.

Invest in sustainable textiles in your home and wardrobe. Reduce waste. Say no to single-use items, such as coffee cups, plastic water bottles, takeaway containers. Eat locally and more mindfully.
If you’re already living sustainably, ask yourself - how can I take it one step further?

Remember, you have the power to make changes from the bottom up.
Your actions show your community, businesses and politicians that change needs to happen now!

What is Sustainability?

To us, sustainability means maintaining present-day needs, while paving the way for future generations to maintain theirs.
As a business, our ethos is based in minimizing our environmental impact by using renewable resources and manufacturing products in an ethical and non-toxic way.

The Line Up

This month we sat down with 5 industry leaders for our new
In Your Element series to unpack how sustainability impacts their world. Check back here throughout the month of July as we release the interviews!

Tasnim Ahmed, Founder of Nahar and Journal, activist for cultural preservation & sustainability

Define Sustainability.
" me sustainability means a “safe and just space for humanity,” a balance of consciousness and care for both the environment and humanity..."

What are your tips for conscious shopping?
"For those who don’t have an extensive knowledge in textiles, fashion or food (like myself), making conscious choices while shopping can be a bit daunting, particularly when you’re being bombarded with information on social media. My best tip is this: do your own homework. Rather than trying to funnel through the chaos of information, pick one thing to start off your sustainability shift and read up on it."

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Mari Agory, Founder of Momier and Mama Talks

If you could pass on 1 sustainable practice or lesson to your child, what would it be?
"I once heard someone say, 'Growing your own food is like printing your own money'. That has always stuck with me and I hope my boys will grow a love for gardening and growing their own food. There are so many benefits to it, not just eating organically, but also there is new research backing the therapeutic benefits of gardening."

What has been the most valuable reward or effect of sustainable living?
"...It is our duty as parents to instill in our children from early on, healthful and conscious practices when it comes to eating and saving our planet. With that said, there are also immeasurable benefits to living sustainably. Not only are we reducing our environmental impact but we are healthier, with our overall well being and lifestyle continuously improving."
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Miki Agrawal, Founder of Thinx, Tushy, and Best-Selling Author of Do Cool Shit

How do you uphold sustainable practices in your day-to-day life?

"I don’t wear makeup except for eyeliner, sometimes lipstick, but that’s it. I also use almost nothing but water to wash my body and hair, except for organic shampoo twice a month..."

What has been the most valuable reward or effect of sustainable living?

"Producing less waste than most and knowing that I am doing my part to support my child and his generation and the generations that follow."
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Define sustainability.
"Sustainability, to me, is about respect, reciprocity, and consideration for lives beyond our single own - be that other peoples’, plants, the planet’s"

Are there people in your life or network that have impacted your decision to live sustainably?
working with plants as medicine absolutely demands my awareness of the state of the planet. Every interaction I have with the herbs in all their forms all day long is a reminder of their gifts to us, our dependence, and the fragility of the relationship."
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Gabe Kennedy, Founder of Plant People

What does the term and practice of sustainable living mean to you, personally?
"...It means awareness, asking questions, educating myself and understanding the implications of my consumption patterns. It is so easy to place convenience over the 'right' thing to do."

What are your tips for conscious shopping?
"...We have so much impact with what we choose to purchase, so asking questions and understanding the implications of our choices is key. The more I learn the more conscious I become and the more I want to avoid so many of the treacherous traps of convenience we often fall into..."

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Why Ettitude?

We make the world’s softest and most breathable bedding with 100% organic bamboo, the most sustainable plant on the planet. Using a closed-loop system, we recycle 98% of water in the fabrication process, saving over 3,031 gallons of water per bedsheet set.