As a brand, we do our best to consciously create long-lasting products. But sometimes, things aren't the right fit, or people simply change their minds (or you just need a refresh).

That's why we partnered with Treet to launch ettitude re:new—a new way to give your gently used ettitude faves and old bedding a second life.

In return, you’ll get $50 in credits for your next ettitude order over $200. It’s our way of thanking you for helping us keep textiles out of landfills.

Want to recycle sheets from other brands? You can still trade them in, and we'll retire them properly.


Keeping our products in the loop
(and out of landfills)

1. Create product with regenerative resources
2. Customer purchases and uses
3. Product is traded in for $50 credit
4. Returned product is purchased on re:new
5. Lifecycle of product is extended



Answer a few simple questions about the quality of your ettitude items or other brand's bedding.


Print out a pre-paid shipping label and send your items to us.


Once approved, you’ll get $50 for your next ettitude order over $200.


Buy gently used and returned ettitude items at dreamy prices from verified sellers.