Bamboo is
better in bed

Cotton has long been the bedding industry standard, but times have changed. Curious to see how our innovative CleanBamboo™ stacks up? From farm to final fabric, the results are in—bamboo beats cotton.

The ugly side of cotton


A more comfortable future

We don’t live in the past, so why would we sleep in it? Our CleanBamboo is as soft as silk, breathable as linen, sustainable as hemp and way kinder on the planet than cotton.

Find out why our bamboo is better in bed

Our guiding direction

At the heart of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development lie 17 Sustainable Development Goals that provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. We use these to guide our decisions.
Comfort shouldn’t come at a cost to people or the planet. In 2021, we gained clarity on our environmental impact, took strides towards being plastic-free, and enforced high ethical and legal standards with our factories.

The impact of ettitude products in 2021

water droplets


gallons of water saved by our sheet sets (compared to cotton)

875,963 kg

of CO2 prevented by our sheet sets (compared to cotton)
water bottles


plastic bottles recycled for our Down Alternative Duvet

is good

All our cut and sew factories are audited by SMETA and BSCI for ethical standards. We introduced a Code of Conduct agreement with all new factories and suppliers and can proudly say that 100% of them uphold our ethical and legal standards

Not all bamboo
is equal

Bamboo is an incredible plant. However, transforming it into fabric is where things can become complicated. Bamboo viscose, rayon and modal go through a chemically intensive process that harms the environment, workers and local communities. Our CleanBamboo is the only bamboo fabric that uses a non-toxic solvent and recycles 98% of the solution up to 200 times to turn raw bamboo into the silky-soft sheets you know and love.

Striving to be

We want to make plastic a thing of the past. We have signed on to be part of the Responsible Packaging Movement and are working to introduce 100% plastic free packaging this year.

Stuff we care about

Forest Stewardship Council logo
Our products are made with bamboo sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests
We achieved STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® on our bedding, sleepwear, bath and baby lines.
Our overall contribution increased by 19.8% to aid our planet's most urgent environmental issues.
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It’s good to be climate neutral

In 2021, we measured, reduced and offset all of the carbon it took to make and deliver every ettitude product to become Climate Neutral certified.


Our total carbon impact was 4,789 tCO2e.


We cut down our air shipping by 89%.


We planted 5.5 hectares of bamboo in Nicaragua through CarbonFund.
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A comfortable world needs water


Charity Water

In 2021, we partnered with charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Your support has helped us fund $100K worth of clean water projects in Nepal.
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A world without waste

In the US, 21 billion pounds of textiles get thrown away annually. More than half a billion kilograms of unwanted textiles end up in Australian landfills every single year—95% of this could be recycled. We’re committed to sending zero waste to landfill through our take-back and recommerce programs

Together, we’re closing the loop

Take back program

In August 2020, we launched Loop, our textile recycling program in Australia. Since then, you’ve helped us divert 1146kg textile waste from landfill and prevent 4011kg of greenhouse gases.

Donation partners

Our commitment to a circular economy means we give returned or faulty items a second chance. This year, we donated to local homeless and animal shelters.


In the next step of our zero-waste model, we'll be looking for ways to give products a second life by restoring and renewing returned or faulty items
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A diverse world    is a better world

Our second annual voluntary demographic survey revealed that our team is from over 10 different backgrounds. We hired our first Head of People & Culture, and formed a new internal DEI committee with nine volunteer members from all departments and levels to steer DEI initiatives.

Hiring with purpose

In pursuit of our mission to create a more comfortable world for all, we’re taking action, not just talking about it. Our business directly reflects our values by putting diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do.

Opportunities for all

The Encoreship

The Encoreship

"Thanks to the encoreship, I’ve gained valuable skills while working on an exciting project. It’s a great re-introduction to the workplace."

- Christine Baker,
The Encoreship 2021 Recipient

In 2021 we launched The Encoreship, a first-of-its-kind initiative that provides employment opportunities to help women facing challenges re-entering the workforce.
Good For Everyone Scholarship

Good For Everyone Scholarship

"This scholarship supports my efforts to create a world where eco-conscious ideals are tangible and UN Goals are inside the grasp of our hands to achieve!"

- Kii Neal,
Good For Everyone Scholarship Recipient

We expanded our US-based Good For Everyone Scholarship. This program offers financial assistance to BIPOC students interested in sustainability.

Unlearning and relearning

We hosted quarterly DEI trainings for employees covering inclusion, giving and accepting feedback, Hispanic and Latine Heritage and interviewing language. Additionally we celebrated our diverse team throughout the year by hosting an open panel discussion for our Asian employees to share their stories and experiences and a presentation with team members sharing their traditions during Diwali.
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