Between July 18th - 27th, ettitude is planting 10 mangrove trees in Baja California Sur for each sheet set sold in honor of World Mangrove Day.

Helping heal the coast


Climate change is already affecting Laguna San Ignacio ecosystems and communities. Sea levels are currently rising, along with the high tides present in Laguna San Ignacio, generating erosion.

Red mangroves offer the first protection barrier for this coastal region. These trees protect against strong currents and other environmental factors, also creating a safe haven for many critically endangered species. The seedling planting done in Laguna San Ignacio helps combat these issues while supporting the local community.


Women led

Project is led by local group of women, “Mujeres de El Dátil", to create a more sustainable future


Protecting species

Mangroves in Baja provide protection for the California gray whale breeding grounds


Growing communities

Provides living-wage employment & on the job training to the local community

ettitude x SeaTrees

As 1% FTP partners, we're dedicated to give back to our planet. We always give back 1% of our net sales, but with partners like SeaTrees, we are dedicated to doing more. Making you feel good about your purchase.