Why sleep with us?


Bamboo is better in bed

You can expect something different with ettitude bedding. ettitude sheets are made from our exclusive CleanBamboo™ fabric that’s luxuriously soft, as sustainable as hemp, and 17% more cooling than other bamboo and cotton sheets.

Our Sateen+ bedding is infused with naturally antimicrobial charcoal, scientifically proven to keep sheets feeling fresh and smelling cleaner longer. It absorbs unwanted odors and reduces bacteria by 99.9%, while also feeling smooth and comfortable against your skin.

Now, get ready for dreamy ZZZs in ettitude sheets.

Why do you need CleanBamboo™ Sateen+ Charcoal?

Sateen+ is special fabric made with an infusion of naturally antimicrobial charcoal into our naturally organic bamboo fibers. These fibers prohibit the growth of common allergens like mold, dander and dust mites. Additionally made with no harmful chemicals, it's great for those who have sensitive skin or allergies.


Cooling effect

Breathable weave cools and adjusts for a comfortable sleep



Our bedding reduces odor causing bacteria by 99%



Free from harmful chemicals and ideal for sensitive skin