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Cotton is a fabric we all know and love. It’s a fibre that we associate with childhood nostalgia, it’s breathable and absorbent. What is considered a good option for bedding actually comes with heavy environmental, social and health impacts. 


The industry produces 20 millions tons of cotton each year in around 90 countries including China, United States, India, Pakistan and West Africa. Cotton represents nearly half the fibre used to make clothes and other textiles worldwide.





If giving up cotton isn't an option for you always go for 100% organic cotton and linen, therefore avoiding the disastrous chemical effects. However, the cotton crops still need large amounts of clean water to survive. A great alternative is Bamboo Lyocell which is one of the most sustainable and contemporary textile materials of the 21st century. No harmful chemicals are used in the production and water consumption is reduced significantly due to the closed loop system used. It is also stronger and softer than rayon.  


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