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Black Bamboo & Lily Soy Candle

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A 100% natural soy candle hand poured in Melbourne by Alchemy Produx into laboratory glass beaker with an exclusive Ettitude Black Bamboo and Lily scent. 

A pleasant and comforting blend from the nature with clean notes of freshly cut bamboo leaves and delicate florals of lilies.

Comes in a luxurious black box, this candle is perfect for gifting!

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Organic soy candle hand poured in Melbourne.
Exclusive Black Bamboo & Lily scent.
Packaged in a sleek cylinder box.
Why we love it
- Soy wax burns cooler which means you can enjoy the candle for 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle.
- Perfect for gifting, check out our other gift ideas.
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We ship worldwide too, see delivery details.
A #sleepwithettitude is good for you because...

Anti-stress, soothing

Non-toxic, free of
carcinogenic substances

Sustainably and
ethically made