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We’re passionate about what we do, and we love working with bloggers, influencers, brands and media whose core values align with our own. If sleeping better, living naturally and caring for our planet are important to you, we invite you to become our partner. While each partnership is unique, here are some ways you can collaborate with us.

Dream with us

If you believe your brand or your audience shares our values and beliefs get in touch to begin dreaming with us. We are greatly interested in building a community of like-minded brands and influencers that support each other and can collaborate together.

Brand Partnership & Influencer Collaborations




Get cosy

People love reading about comfy things! If you are a journalist,
editor or content contributor at an online media, podcast, newspaper,
lifestyle website or magazine, then we'd love to snuggle in bed with you.
Let us know what you have in mind and we can go from there.

Sleepover Club

Access exclusive offers and earn commissions with our simple, easy to use, secure program.

Affiliate Program


Designer Trade Program


The slumber tribe

We're obsessed with how our interior designer, stylist friends, and their clients incorporate bamboo bedding into their projects.
Become a member of our Designer Trade Program to get exclusive trade discounts and services.

Share sleep comfort

Looking to share the world’s softest secret with your audience?
We’d love to hear more about your brand and community. Apply now to be part of our wholesale network.

Wholesale Orders


Hospitality Trade Program


Best stay ever

Want to elevate your Airbnb, rental property or boutique accommodation to have the softest and most sustainable bedding around?
We'd love to learn more about your accommodation to see if it would be a good fit!

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